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Ready to Lighten Up?

This easy-to-follow reprogramming guide can help. Filled with humor and fun, it’s a laugh-riot, common-sense approach to better health.

You'll Learn...
  • Why calories are like children
  • What Las Vegas and the diet industry have in common
  • How the Homeland Security advisory system can help you lose weight
  • When virtual bowling makes sense
  • Why the government needs a better set of measuring cups
  • Why healthier lifestyles are easier to maintain than decent relationships
  • And much more

Who says losing weight has to be so serious?

Lots of Fun Activities

Don’t Touch That!

Staying healthy isn’t just about watching what you eat. It’s also about watching what you touch. According the Lifescript, com, germs are everywhere!

Oh boy, are they. The Diet Joke went to Disneyland a few weeks ago and we’re still sick. Sure, germs are a small price to pay to visit the happiest place on earth, but it’s something to keep in mind. Maybe that’s why Donald Duck is always stuffed up! He can’t shake that cold. Not as long as he keeps his day job.

Where else do germs abound? Grocery store cart handles and seats, mall escalator handrails, elevator buttons, office phones and computer keyboards, and so on. Even restaurant tabletops are risky if they’ve been wiped down with a dirty rag.

Is it that people are just piggy? Let’s just say people touch themselves a lot, and then they touch other things.

Now factor in their kids. I have a darling 3-year old neighbor who has had rivers of snot running down his nose for a year now.

The fix: wash your hands. A lot. Especially before touching your face. And when you can, wipe down things you’re about to use with an anti-bacterial wipe.

Stay well!

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