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Ready to Lighten Up?

This easy-to-follow reprogramming guide can help. Filled with humor and fun, it’s a laugh-riot, common-sense approach to better health.

You'll Learn...
  • Why calories are like children
  • What Las Vegas and the diet industry have in common
  • How the Homeland Security advisory system can help you lose weight
  • When virtual bowling makes sense
  • Why the government needs a better set of measuring cups
  • Why healthier lifestyles are easier to maintain than decent relationships
  • And much more

Who says losing weight has to be so serious?

Lots of Fun Activities

Modern Times

If you ask me, diets are a joke. Not the funny kind that make us chuckle or laugh, but the mean kind that make us feel worse than we did when the joke started. Why? Because the joke is on us.

Let’s start by assuming diets are dysfunctional. What am I saying? I’m saying that, like families, despite their best intentions, diets tend to screw us up. Sometimes they screw us up so much we no longer know what’s normal.

The Diet Joke is about what’s screwed up and what’s normal. If you need a hint, what’s screwed up is a weight-obsessed culture set smack in the middle of a culture that encourages us to constantly consume everything in sight. What’s also screwed up is the message of inadequacy we’re fed 24/7 to drive our consumption. Screwed up, too, is the long list of never-ending, quick-fix solutions available for purchase, most of which deliver light results and heavy self-loathing. What’s normal is knowing that, as much as we may hate to admit it, if we really want to change something about ourselves, then we have to do the work.

The Diet Joke is about reprogramming ourselves, maybe not to be normal (since when did that become the ultimate goal), but to not be so screwed up by the storm of messages we get.

Those messages include:

  1. More is better, and
  2. We’re never enough.

When it comes to food, those messages brainwash us to:

  1. Eat constantly, and
  2. Rely on “diet” products to lose weight.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. As with all reprogramming, let’s start at the beginning, with the word itself.


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