More Bad News About So-Called Healthy Food

Guess what? Now we’ve ruined fish too. Delicious, nutritious fish which used to be good for us is now surprisingly toxic thanks to all the extra mercury mankind is dumping into the atmosphere.

Most affected? The ocean’s biggest predators, like shark, marlin and swordfish. Why? Because they eat up all the little fishies, and all that mercury just keeps accumulating inside them.  Other high risk fish include bluefin tuna, king mackerel and bigeye tuna.

Other favorites to mostly avoid: halibut, albacore and yellowfin tuna, wahoo, orange roughy, Chilean sea bass, etcetera, etcetera, blah, blah, blah.

So what’s left?  Canned light tuna is okay. So are shrimp, salmon, pollack and catfish. IN MODERATION.

That’s right. Now, like alcohol and everything else we love that is bad for us, we’re supposed to eat fish IN MODERATION. And the big daddies, not at all.

You can find more information about what and how much at the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency website where they’ll tell you fish is an important part of a healthy diet but also toxic. What? Exactly.

Thanks for the warning, EPA (who doesn’t seem to be protecting the environment much at all). Maybe we should rename it to EHA: Environmental Hazard Agency.

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